“Scientist to Scientist” program

GeneSpin is dedicated to the development and application of new methodologies and marketing of new products in the fields of Genetics and Molecular Biology.

GeneSpin markets these reagents after direct validation in the context of both Fondazione Filarete and the Department of Biosciences, University of Milan.

The goal of the GeneSpin “Scientist to Scientist” (“StoS”) program is to produce and distribute commonly used Molecular Biology products seriously cutting indirect and marketing costs.

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GeneSpin Coomassie Stain is a ready-to-use non hazardous solution for staining proteins on polyacrylamide gels in 20-25 minutes. GeneSpin Coomassie Stain does not require addition of methanol and acetic acid for destaining and produces blue bands on a clear background

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Molecular Biology - 2X Optimum qPCR and Optimum RTL qPCR Master Mixes

2X Optimum qPCR Master Mix and 2X Optimum RTL qPCR Master Mix, are two NEW 2X premixed, ready-to-use solution (GeneSpin proprietary formulation) containing new S∆Taq Pol, dNTPs, MgCl2 and stabilizers optimized for use in real time PCR amplification of DNA or cDNA.

The 2X Optimum RTL qPCR Master Mix is supplemented with an inert blue dye and a separate Yellow Sample Buffer that contains a yellow dye. The qPCR reaction mix containing both components is green.

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2X MycoPCR Master Mix GL  is a 2X premixed, ready-to-use solution (GeneSpin proprietary formulation) containing XtraTaq Pol, dNTPs, MgCl2, specific mycoplasma primers set and stabilizers optimized for PCR-based mycoplasma detection in cell culture.

The primer set allows detection of various mycoplasma species (e.g., M. fermentans, M. hyorhinis, M. arginini, M. orale, M. salivarium, M. hominis, M. pulmonis, M. arthritidis, M. bovis, M. pneumoniae, M. pirum and M. capricolum), as well as Acholeplasma and Spiroplasma species, with high sensitivity and specificity.

Cell cultures2X MycoPCR Master Mix _  Green Line  PCR test kit detection of mycoplasmas in cell cultures

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