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endpoint PCR

Taq Polymerase

> XtraTaq White GLMB_end_point_XtraTaq_W_GL.html
> XtraTaq Pol RTL GLMB_end_point_XtraTaq_RTL_GL.html

Master mix 2X

> 2X Master Mix Standard GL MB_end_point_MMIX_Standard_GL.html
> 2X Master Mix HotStart GLMB_end_point_MMIX_Hot_Start_GL.html

dNTPs and dNTPs mix

> dATP MB_end_point_dNTPs.html
> dTGPMB_end_point_dNTPs.html
> dCTP MB_end_point_dNTPs.html
> dGTPMB_end_point_dNTPs.html
> dNTPS mix MB_end_point_dNTPs_mix.html

Gel Loading Buffer

> 6X Orange Loading Buffer GL MB_end_point_6X_orange_GL.html

Agarose LE

> Agarose Low ElectroendosmosisMB_end_point_Agarose.html

DNA Ladders

> 100bp DNA Ladder GLMB_end_point_DNA_Ladders_GL.html
> 1Kb DNA Ladder GLMB_end_point_DNA_Ladders_GL.html


green line

green line 2021

No more  post or pre-staining  protocol for DNA on  Agarose Gel

GeneSpin PCR green line (GeneSpin proprietary formulation), is a specific PCR products line focused on users safety.

Either 2X PCR Mastermixes GL or 5x PCR buffers GL contain an internal fluorescent stain for DNA detection on Agarose gel directly after PCR amplification. This particular composition is able to avoid standard protocols for post- or pre- staining DNA on Agarose Gel with Ethidium Bromide (EtBr) or different dsDNA stains. The fluorescent used in GeneSpin PCR green line regents has higher sensitivity than EtBr and has an easy, fast and robust staining procedure. Detection is possible by illuminating the Agarose Gel on a UV screen. Ames test II has shown a lower mutagenic potential compared to SYBR Green I and a much lower mutagenic potential than EtBr.

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green line