GeneSpin goal is to produce and sell reagents for Molecular Biology.

The creation of a network with other University research groups and foreign companies added to the know-how acquired over the years, has allowed GeneSpin the development, production and sale of strictly controlled, and therefore high quality, reagents at an affordable price.

In order to maintain high production standards and cutting-edge products GeneSpin has created the products line "Scientist to Scientist", based on three general principles:

- Production of high-quality reagents which exceed all the most stringent quality control tests required in research laboratories;

- Direct marketing of products "Scientist to Scientist", "resetting" the classic commercial chain that leads from the producer to the research laboratory;

  1. -Openness to collaboration with professors of the University or other Italian and foreign research centers interested in the GeneSpin know-how and in the creation of scientific and commercial network with the aim to commercialize new methods for the production and / or improvement of Molecular Biology reagents developed by themselves.

From February 2018, GeneSpin  Laboratory is located within the Fondazione Filarete - Milano

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